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VG11 inhibits the progress of autoimmune diseases

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1. General Information of Requester

The Institute of Immunology of PLA is a famous Immunologic Institute in China. We have published lots of papers in Journals including Nature, Immunity, Nat Immunol, Nat Commun, Gut and PLoS Pathogens, et al., Additionally, we also applied over 50 cases of patents till now and some of these patents have been used in Translational Medicine. For example, we have developed peptide drugs that have been used in therapy chronic HBV infection. Based on these successful results, our work have also been supported by lots of grants from China including “973” , “863” projects and NSFC projects.

2. International Cooperation Status

 We have cooperated and successfully applied a NSFC-NIH grant. Additionally, we also published over 5 papers in journals with co-authors.

Technical Requirements Summary:

1. Importance and necessity of requested project, and relations with key projects and industries of Chongqing .

In the coming days, both of us would continue to focus on how VG11 can inhibit the progress of autoimmune diseases. These are including:

1)        How to product high quantitative and qualitative of VG11;

2)        Apply and get an international patent;

3)        Apply the VG11 to therapy some patients who suffered from autoimmune diseases, like MS, RA and SLE;

4)        How VG11 attenuates the pathogenesis of disease and the signaling pathways.

Our cooperation would promote the progress of BioMedicne industries of Chongqing.

1.    Technology breakthroughs and innovations of requested project

How to product high quantitative and qualitative of VG11;

1)        How VG11 attenuates the pathogenesis of disease and the signaling pathways;

Clarify the molecular structure of VG11 and its ligands.

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