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《User Services Agreement》

General Provisions

1.1 The ownership and operation right of this website belongs to Chongqing Hi-Tech Incubation Center.

1.2 Before registering, the user shall read this Agreement carefully and agree to abide by it before becoming a registered user. Once registered successfully, the user and the site automatically reach a consensus that the user shall be bound by this Agreement.

1.3 This Agreement may be updated at any time. The site does not undertake notification obligations. Notices, announcements, declarations or other similar contents of this site are part of this Agreement.

Service Contents

2.1 The specific contents of this site will be provided according to the actual situation.

User Account

3.1 An official user shall complete and pass registration process so as to get access to all rights that entitled by the site. Users without identity authentication can only enjoy part of the membership. The site has the right to change users’ access to all functions.     

3.2 Users can only use their real name and real-name mobile phone number to register according to the registration requirements. Users have the obligation to ensure the security of their accounts and passwords. The user shall assume full responsibility to any loss or damage caused by himself or herself. The site does not bear any responsibility. If the user finds that the account is used unauthorizedly or has any other security problems, he or she shall immediately change password. Please notify us if necessary. The site does not assume any responsibility if the website is hacked or the account is used illegally because of the user’s negligence,.

3.3 The user name shall not contain words that are threatening, intimidating, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, illegal, reactionary, inconsistent, offensive, injurious, harassing, slanderous, abusive or infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

3.4 This membership is limited to the user himself or herself, and cannot be transferred to others.

User rules

4.1 The user shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, including but not limited to the regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Security Protection of Computer Information Systems, Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software, Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of laws in the Trial of Cases Involving Copyright Disputes over Computer Network (Law [2004] No. 1), The Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Safeguarding the Security of the Internet, The Regulations on the Administration of Online Public Notice Services, Provisions on the Administration of Internet News and Information Services, Measures for the Administrative Protection of Internet Copyright and Regulations on the Protection of the Right of Online Information Dissemination.

4.2 All users are responsible for the content they publish, upload or transmit. The site has the right to handle without notice, if the user publishes, reposts or spreads contents that contain the following information:

   (1) violating basic principles of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China;

   (2) endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, or undermining national unification;

   (3) harming the honor and interests of the state;

   (4) inciting national hatred and discrimination and undermining national unity;

   (5) undermining the state's religious policy and propagating cults and feudal superstitions;

   (6) spreading rumors, disturbing social order, or undermining social stability;

   (7) disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror, or instigating crime;

   (8) insulting or slandering others and infringing upon the rights and interests of others;

   (9)inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration or assembly to disturb social order;

   (10) engaging in activities in the name of illegal non-governmental organizations;

   (11) containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

4.3 Users shall promise that all the information they publish or upload on this site (that is, works belong to the "Copyright Law of People's Republic of China" provisions, including but not limited to words, pictures, music, movies, performances, audio and video recordings and computer programs, etc) is entitled to enjoy full intellectual property or has been legally authorized by the relevant right holder. If the user violates this article so the site is claimed by a third party, the user shall compensate all expenses in full (including but not limited to each kind of compensation expense, agency costs and other reasonable expenses incurred for this purpose);

4.4 When a third party considers that the information published or uploaded by the user infringes upon his or her rights, and sends notice of right to the site in accordance with the Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Information Network Dissemination or relevant legal provisions, the user agrees that the site may delete the suspected infringement information at its own discretion, unless the user submits documentary evidence to prove that the information is original;

   (1) Using website service for any unlawful purpose is prohibited;

   (2) Any protocols, regulations and procedures related to network services shall be complied with;

   (3) Taking advantage of this site for any possible adverse impact on normal operation of the Internet is prohibited;

   (4) Doing anything that is detrimental to this site is prohibited.

4.5 If the user violates any of the above provisions when using the network service, the site has the right to request the user to correct or directly take all necessary measures (including but not limited to delete the user’s posted content, suspend or terminate the user's right to use the network services) so as to mitigate the impact of user’s misconduct.

Privacy Protection

5.1 The site shall not dispose or provide user’s registration information or non-public contents that the user saved while using website service to a third party unless:

   (1) obtaining authorization from the user;

   (2) required by relevant laws and regulations;

   (3) required by relevant government departments;

   (4) to safeguard the interests of the public.

5.2 The site may cooperate with a third party to provide users with related network services. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as the site does, then the site  has the right to share users’ registration information with the third party.

5.3 The site has the right to analyze the entire user database and use it for commercial purposes under the premise that a single user’s privacy shall not be disclosed.

Copyright Notice

6.1 Copyright of the words, pictures, audio and videos on this website belongs to or is shared with Chongqing Hi-Tech Incubation Center. Without the site’s permission, repost is forbidden.

6.2 The unique logo, layout and other copyright belong to Chongqing Hi-Tech Incubation Center. Without the site’s permission, repost or replication is forbidden.

6.3 Any use of website contents should be indicated "from Chinese-Hungarian Technology Transfer Center (Chongqing) website" and the name of the author. If payment is required according to the law, then the site and the author shall be notified.

6.4 The site has the priority to use all works for other purposes, including but not limited to websites, electronic magazines, print publications, etc. But the author will be notified before using and will be paid according to standard payment level in this industry.

6.5 All contents published or uploaded on this site only stand for the author's own stance and opinions, which has nothing to do with this site. The author himself or herself bears all legal responsibility.

6.6 If website contents are reposted for malicious purposes, the site has the right to resort to law.

Statement of Responsibility

7.1 The user shall agree that when using this website, all the risks and consequences shall be borne entirely by the user. Chinese-Hungarian Technology Transfer Center (Chongqing) does not bear any responsibility.

7.2 The site can not ensure that the services provided will be able to meet all the requirements of users and do not guarantee the timeliness, safety and accuracy of services.

7.3 The site does not guarantee accuracy and integrity of the external links set up for users. In addition, the site does not take any responsibility for the contents on any external web pages.

7.4 If network services are broke off because of force majeure or some reasons that the site can not control, the site does not assume any responsibility. However, the site will try best to reduce the losses and impacts on users.

7.5 Any loss caused by the following products or service that the site provides for users, this site does not need to assume any responsibility:

   (1) free network service provided for users;

   (2) any products or services that the site gives to users as a gift.

7.6 The site reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or terminate services (or any part thereof) at any time, whether users are notified or not. The site does not need to assume any responsibility.

7.7 The site does not assume responsibility or compensate for service interruption and personal data loss caused by server crash, network failure, database failure, software upgrade and other problems.


8.1 The formation, execution, interpretation and settlement of disputes of this Agreement are all applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

8.2 The remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding if any of the provisions are, for whatever reason, wholly or in part, invalid or unenforceable.

8.3 The right of interpretation and revision of this Agreement belongs to Chongqing Hi-Tech Incubation Center.