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Import of transgenic C. elegans and Pharmaceutics of active compounds from traditional Chinese medicines

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Medical Science

Cooperation Mode

Establishment of a joint R & D center or laboratory


Promoting existing cooperation

Demand outline


Basic Information:

1. General Information of Requester

School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering of Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) is a key pharmaceutical school and one of the first institutions for higher pharmaceutical education in Chongqing. Pharmacy discipline is one of eight Chongqing key disciplines, and it is also one of ten key discipline of CQUT in the “Three tenth five-year plan”, which includes pharmacy and biopharmaceutical. We have strength, reasonable structure of the teaching and researching staffs, and very nice equipments and research platforms.

2. International Cooperation Status

We had established long-term cooperation with National Research Council Canada and Dalhousie University over the past decade, especial on the share of transgenic mice, gene knockout C. elegans, and compounds from north American. Some papers had been published, and several patents had been filed as co-authors.  

Technical Requirements Summary:

1. Importance and necessity of requested project, and relations with key projects and industries of Chongqing .

    Because we had carried out some researches together and published some works together over the past ten years, so there are good base to cooperation.

Furthermore, substantial benefits would be brought once we have made good use of their transgenic animals and compound library. 

2. Technology breakthroughs and innovations of requested project Enhance our abilities of base research of CQUT.

 Accelerating the process of medicines development in Chongqing.

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