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Big Data Platform of Intelligent Inland waterway Navigation

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1. General Information of Requester

The National Engineering Research Center of Inland Waterway Regulation (NERCIWR) was established on January 2011 which is approved by ministry of science and technology of China. The NERCIWR relies on Chongqing Jiaotong University and Changjiang Waterway Bureau basing on the traditional technology advantages. Closely around the national strategic needs of the construction of the modernization inland river water transportation system, the NERCIWR service the national economy sustained and rapid development and provide inland river water transportation system construction of our modernization drive has important application value of innovation through the system of generic technology innovation and engineering application. There are five major research directions in center, such as mountain river waterway regulation, Plain river waterway regulation, navigation structure in dam, design and construction inland waterway port and intelligent waterway.

2. International Cooperation Status

The center has established a good cooperative relationship with the university of Arizona, NCCHE of the university of Mississippi, the Feng Chia university of Taiwan and the Cheng kung university. Invite the famous scholars to be guest professors and apply for the overseas financing plan of Bayu scholars. A long-term cooperation mechanism has been established in personnel exchanges, technical cooperation and academic information exchanges.

Technical Requirements Summary:

1. Importance and necessity of requested project, and relations with key projects and industries of Chongqing .

Intelligent inland waterway transport big data platform follows national top strategic to integrate application of channel management, water conservancy project, sediment management, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, remote sensing, geographic information, the Internet of things, such as multidisciplinary blend of technology, build have a global view of the large data center in inland river channels, through virtual reality technology innovation forms, first inland waterway construction international data sharing with big data platform model service.

The platform through the access natural history waterway data and management departments of business data, access to multiple model analysis modules, through the correlation analysis between model and index, found hidden rules and hidden phenomenon, auxiliary decision makers on related issues accurately. Based on service for government, enterprises and mass users, we will build a public information platform that is modular and refined. In order to realize the national strategy of One Belt And One Road, build the status of Chongqing transport hub, reduce logistics cost and provide technical support for industrial development.

2. Technology breakthroughs and innovations of requested project

To analyze the dynamic and static resource elements of the waterway industry, construct and improve the full factor coding model of the waterway, and act on the fine management of the big data Platform of the navigation. To achieve multi-source, multi-precision, multi-category mass data collection, extraction, analysis and distributed information stream management, storage long-term processing mechanism and system.

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