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Evaluation system and software development for green wave with signal timing on trunk road

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Basic Information:

1General Information of Requester

The College of Traffic and Transportation in Chongqing Jiaotong University owns one municipal first-class subject, i.e., Transport Engineering, two key laboratory, i.e., Chongqing Key Lab of Traffic System & Safety in Mountain Cities, and Chongqing Key Lab of Traffic and Transportation, and one Chongqing Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. Besides, the college has established one maker space of Smart Traffic. The college is "China's top ten innovative brand institutions in logistics teaching" and "National Transport and Logistics Teaching Demonstration Base." Moreover, the college has a complete student training system from undergraduates, graduate students to  post-doctors.

2. International Cooperation Status

The College of Traffic and Transportation has established cooperation and exchange mechanism with Portugal Lisbon University of Technology, University of Nevada, Warsaw University of Technology and other foreign universities. Besides, the college has signed cooperation agreements with Advanced Research Center of Transportation Education at University of Nevada, Reno, and Toyota Urban Transportation Research Institute, Japan.

Technical Requirements Summary:

1. Importance and necessity of requested project, and relations with key projects and industries of Chongqing .

The main urban area of Chongqing showed a group layout with obvious traffic channel characteristics, and the traffic efficiency of trunk roads affected the efficiency of urban traffic. The green waves of trunk roads can enhance the urban traffic operation efficiency, and it is of great significance for the traffic operation in Chongqing to evaluate and optimize the green waves on trunk road reasonably. At present, to relieve congestion and ensure smooth traffic flow is the focus of Three-year Action Plan of Chongqing Transport.

2. Technology breakthroughs and innovations of requested project

Based on GPS and real-time floating vehicles, the advantages and disadvantages of the traffic signal green light scheme can be evaluated, and the intersections where the traffic control efficiency of the trunk road can be improved can be found, with an optimized scheme.

The innovations list below:

(1) GPS-based floating car traffic control evaluation and optimization

(2) Software development for efficiency evaluation on trunk road with floating vehicles. 

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