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Rail Transit Control and Passenger Transportation Intelligent Decision

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1. General Information of Requester

In the light of national development strategy and the requirements of informatization in  transportation industry, the college of Information Science and Engineering has been engaged in the research, development as well as application of intelligent transportation system for long. Our college is now presiding over the research center and engineering laboratory of “Public Transport Operations based on Big Data” in Chongqing, which are two provincial and ministerial level innovative platforms and provide us with bumper qualifications as well as achievements. Meanwhile, The first level program of Computer Science and Technology is nominated as a key program, which is also designated to be the characteristic professionalism by Chongqing Education Commission because of the fruits on Processing and Analysis of Traffic Big Data. Due to the distinguishing achievements about Communications and Signal Control in High-speed rail, Urban Rail as well as other Rail Transit, the program of Communication Engineering is also promoted as the characteristic professionalism in Chongqing, and constitutes a specialty group of information technology together with other three specialties within our college.

2. International Cooperation Status

At present, our college is under the contract of educational cooperation with the University of Platterville in Wisconsin State. Lots exchange activities are carried out at all levels such as undergraduates, graduates and teacher. Professor Dianhui Wang from La Trobe University in Australia is now employed as the guest professor, and undertakes teaching and research tasks periodically in our college. Simultaneously, a series of communion programs are also carried out with respect to scientific research, discipline development and experience interchange, where the cooperators include Silesian Polytechnic University, Białystok Polytechnic University, Wroclaw University of Technology, etc. In addition, the college of Information Science and Engineering has recently hosted or undertook a lot of international conferences, and recognized of the high quality with a great deal of activities such as invited reports or academic salons.Technical Requirements Summary:

1. Importance and necessity of requested project, and relations with key projects and industries of Chongqing .

The program will focus on the only domestic straddle type track located in Chongqing and the high-speed rails preferentially supported by Chinese government, to conduct researches with respect to passenger flow analysis and forecast, operational Plan optimization, travel information service, CBTC communication and steering signal optimization.

2. Technology breakthroughs and innovations of requested project

(1) Analysis and forecasting for passenger transportation of high-speed and straddle type rails.

(2) Optimization for the operation plan of high-speed and straddle type rails.

(3) Information services aiming at the passengers of rail transit.

(4) CBTC communication and steering signal optimization for straddle type tracks.

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