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Uptake of new pollutants by plants and its environmental effects

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Environmental protection

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The importance and necessity of the demand project, and the degree of connection with the city's important projects and key industries under the background of the increasing of new pollutants, the study on the mechanism of absorption and degradation of new pollutants by plants, plant growth, the environmental effect of the process of corruption is of great significance to environmental protection and has important support for the treatment of rivers, lakes and the tail water of the sewage plant. Yes. Technical breakthrough and innovation points of demand projects (1) absorption and distribution of emerging pollutants; (2) environmental effects of plant uptake of emerging pollutants.


Chongqing university is a national "211 Project" and "985 Project" key construction university directly under the Ministry of education. It has the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education on ecological environment in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education on the development of energy and mineral resources in Southwest China and the prevention and control of environmental disasters in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, there are eight key laboratories for water environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of water resources in human settlements in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. And 11 field trial research bases. After a long period of construction, the above-mentioned experimental bases and centers have possessed a large number of relatively advanced instruments and equipment in China and sufficient experimental platforms and rooms. Have the necessary laboratory conditions to carry out the project. 2. Current situation of international cooperation: maintain good relations and cooperation with Aachen University of technology, Germany and the research center in ulich, Germany.

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