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Chongqing`s International Circle of Friends: Hungary and Chongqing`s Cooperation in Technology

Source: iChongqing News Time:2019-09-26

Chongqing – Under the theme 70 Prominent Years, Striving for A New Era, iChongqing’s special video series Chongqing’s International Circle of Friends: Hungary and Chongqing’s Cooperation in Technology is now released. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People`s Republic of China, and also the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Hungary and China. In this episode, iChongqing interviewed with Dióssi Lóránd, the Consul-General of Hungary in Chongqing, to hear about his vision on the cooperation especially in the technology industry. We also take a look at the China-Hungary Technology Transfer Center and an academic exchange at Southwest University in order to discover Chongqing and Hungary`s cooperation in depth.  

According to Dióssi Lóránd, the Hungarian government attaches great importance to Chongqing. The economy of Chongqing and Hungary can be said to be very similar because both have two big industries. The largest is the automotive industry, and the second-largest is the IT industry. He also explained how the similarities bestow a potential for cooperation from both sides.

iChongqing also interviewed with Li Hai, the Director of China-Hungary Technology Transfer Center, to explore the achievements in recent two years and see how the Hungarian project landed in Chongqing. 

As early as 2004, the Food Safety College of Southwest University had an academic connection with the Hungarian school and government, which also achieved positive outcomes in food safety research.

Overall, Hungary and Chongqing maintain a good friendship in a various ways, especially in this remarkable year. 

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