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Dr. Hrotkó Károly

Gödöllő, Hungary

Szent István University, Gödöllő - Doctoral School of Horticultural Sciences

Professor, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Modern agriculture

Academic title                 CSc – plant breeding and botany (1989)

                                          DSc - plant breeding and botany (2004)

                                           Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2004)

Research Area:

Propagation biology and environmental physiology of woody plants, investigation of rootstock/scion interactions, rootstock breeding and evaluation, environmental benefits of urban trees.

With the contribution from Dr. Hrotkó Károly, the Hungarian Cherry Spindle agriculture system is utilized in Shaanxi province on an area of 5000 ha.



Total number of publications: 446

-          108 scientific journals

-          120 articles in conference publications

-          42 books and book chapters

-          18 educational works

-          110 summaries of conference papers

-          46 other works

-          All independent references: 1140

-          Hirsch Index of References 19