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EPS Smart Parking System

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EPS-Global was established at the beginning of 2012 for the purpose of capitalizing abroad on the shareholders’ extensive experience and know-how. The company is co-owned by Hungarian and German private investors beside the Hungarian National Government owned Export-Import Bank’s Investment Fund, making it a Hungarian-German joint-venture. By establishing EPS Global, the aim of the shareholders, among whom the leading ITS solution provider of Hungary named i-Cell, was to continue technology development to manifest the shareholders’ know-how into a parking system that suits the latest trends and needs, and to pursue international sales activities to serve the international market. Technology development has produced a complex state-of-the-art parking system based on the shareholders’ well-tried technologies. The company is now present and establishes its place on the international market. EPS has a strong panel of experts who have been involved deeply in the establishment of the current parking system of Budapest. In the course of operating complex parking management system in Budapest, the EPS team has acquired extensive experience in the operation of such systems.

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EPS Global has developed its state of the art smart parking management software system and is using 3rd party hardware integrated to the smart parking system, so in terms of hardware solutions we are a system integrator. Any new smart parking technology is interesting for our company. We are also interested to cooperate with Electric Vehicle charging station manufacturers and/or autonomous driving technology developers.


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