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Zalaegerszeg Proving Ground

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Traffic & City construction

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Technology transfer


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On the complex testing track experts can test the behaviour of the vehicles in artificially created conditions inter alia the track will be able to provide the urban environment for autonomous driving tests. The elements of the track will be connected, so the tests of autonomous driving can be performed in various conditions, e. g. motorways, urban and outside urban areas. The testing track will be connected with a smart road between M7 motorway and Zalaegerszeg.

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Zalaegerszeg Proving Ground is a remarkable contribution of Hungary to the global automotive community. The specification of the autonomous environment and related communication infrastructure was designed to be the perfect test field for classic and automated and connected vehicles and 5G cellular test network for future ITS applications. The testing track will operate as a complete test-service-system with workshops, offices, a research centre and a full knowledge base.


The main target groups are the OEM companies of vehicle industry, the Level-1 and Level-2 (Tier-1 and Tier-2) suppliers, spare part producers, and companies of telecom and infrastructure field.


In the first phase of the project, the following capabilities are going to be available in 2018: the dynamic platform; a specially designed zone for brake tests (brake tracks); a so called ‘handling in curves track’ or handling course; the zone for testing autonomous driving and the necessary technologies for communication.


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